Activists Hang Giant Anti-Bush Banner
on Plaza Hotel in NYC.

For more information, see press release.

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Approximately 9:30 AM: Operation Sibyl climbers begin deployment of the banner on the East face of the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Climber and Operation Sibyl leader Terra Lawson-Remer works to release the banner.

Banner release continues as the sun rises over the Plaza Hotel.

Operation Sibyl's banner is almost completely released.

9:45 AM: Operation Sibyl's banner is now completely visible to the crowds of onlookers below.

A close-up of the banner - the opposing arrows illustrate the sharp divergence between the truth and the Bush administration's assertions.

Another close-up.

A New York City police officer communicates with Terra Lawson-Remer. The police then worked to safely remove the climbers and the banner.

The banner sails high above the head of an onlooker on the other side of 5th Avenue.

10:15 AM: The banner is altered by a New York City police officer in an effort to obscure its message.

Photos by Jesse Wegman